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While our primary mission at Elizabeth Marie Group is acquiring businesses, we know selling isn’t always the next step for some owners.  Therefore, the EMG consulting team was established to help leaders develop strategies to improve their organization both internally and externally.  All with the same focus on our “Business as a Ministry” approach.  The EMG team works alongside owners on a retained basis to help better position their organization in the market, improve organizational structure or culture and maximize earnings.

Our approach is different from other business consultants.  Most firms offer little more to owners than a “feel good” vision for the future.  The EMG team is much more than just vision and talk.  We incorporate an action-driven and measurable approach to our clients.  We will give you a roadmap to achieve your internal and external goals.  

Our ideal client owns a company with a great business model and strong culture but is experiencing known or unknown challenges they just can't seem to overcome. Whatever the challenges might be, they are keeping the business from unlocking its full potential.  This is where the EMG team can help. Our expertise in five key performance areas have proven to have a consistent positive impact for our clients. 

​Five Key Performance Areas 

1. Culture building and Business Purpose 

2. Talent Acquisition 

3. Talent and Leadership Development

4. Sales and Operational Development 

5. Strategic Marketing and Product/Service Branding


We believe that no business challenge is insurmountable and no business dream is unachievable. This rings especially true when your foundation is built on culture and purpose and your business strategy is defiant of the circumstances around you.  Let the EMG team help you create this plan and unlock your potential.   


Ideal for:
  • Business owners who are preparing for their exit or an ownership transition

  • Small to medium-sized businesses that are individual or family-owned


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