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Selling a business with purpose takes more than just money. It requires partnering with the right buyer who shares your personal values, has a track record of success, and a vision for the future of the organization. Elizabeth Marie Group shares your values and can help your business scale through a value driven acquisition plan.


Our passion is acquiring companies whose focus has been maximizing profits through operational excellence and have been led by operators who are guided by their faith and love for their people. Business owners trust EMG because we have decades of experience building thriving organizations and a passion for creating incredible company cultures.


Companies we work with are typically individual or family-owned and have a solid track record of profitability. We want to work with owners who are passionate about their people, products, and the legacy they want to leave after their exit.


We are well-positioned to invest in your business today and unlock the future potential of your life’s work. ​Our unique approach to acquisition is intentionally different and is built on our core principle, “Business as a Ministry”. Take the next step by partnering with a company who will protect what you’ve built and give you the opportunity to impact the lives of generations to come.



Ideal for:
  • Businesses that are small-medium in size 

  • Profitable

  • Employee and customer-centric 

  • Primarily individual or family owned


"When I met with other buyers it was clear they only cared about the numbers. Although EMG was concerned about financials, they were clearly more passionate about our people, our business passion, and the legacy I wanted to leave behind."
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