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We help business owners protect their legacy through strategic acquisition of companies that are people-centric, profit-focused, and purpose-driven.





We are a trusted partner to business owners who are wrestling with or have made the decision to sell their business.  Through a people-centric, profit-focused, and purpose-driven approach, our team of experts help owners create a clear path for the future while ensuring we protect the legacy of the business and the investment they have made in the lives of their people. 

We are passionate about investing in businesses that share our values and meet certain criteria. Our family of businesses share a common focus, putting people first. Our commitment to serving employees and customers well catalyzes business performance and revenue growth.  

Our tenured consultants are uniquely skilled in all areas of business operations and culture development. This is a critical component to our success as we work alongside post-acquisition leadership to craft winning strategies, discover new paths for growth, and establish a clear vision for the future of their organization. 

Putting our expertise to work, we help organizations make sense of the future and figure out how to prepare for what's next while staying laser focused on protecting their years of hard work. 




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"Our firm has partnered with Shawn within 2 companies who have experienced unprecedented transformational growth and change under his leadership." 

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"When I met with other buyers, it was clear they only cared about the numbers. Although EMG was concerned about financials, they were clearly more passionate about our people, our business passion, and the legacy I wanted to leave behind."

"Shawn is truly a visionary leader. He's got a vision for where to take the business, and inspires those around him to come together to achieve it." 


The core of a change maker is unrelenting passion. With over 20 years' experience growing companies and leading teams, Shawn Jones, our founder, is a visionary and nationally recognized leader in the Industrial Services industry. Shawn has led strategic acquisition planning and execution for numerous companies with annual revenues ranging from $20M to $350M.

Shawn has a passion for growing profit and helping people.  His faith forward approach to business is the fuel that drives these passions.  The Elizabeth Marie Group was established through successful leaders who share these same values. Together, the EMG team believes great companies should do abundantly more than deliver high financial returns for stakeholders.  We believe when companies make money, they have the potential to make lasting impacts on the lives of individuals inside and outside the organization.  We believe that business success equals Kingdom success.  Business is our mission field.  

Shawn Jones
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